Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Simply BE...

Simply BE...well happy.  Something I've taken for granted many times in life.  How simple it is just to BE present, BE grateful, BE happy...many lessons in life have jolted me back into this state of BEing and many people have inspired me to BE there.

To call Kristina a best friend is an understatement for sure.  Our lives are parallel in so many ways, starting from childhood cheerleaders 25 years ago to the strong military spouses/Moms we are today.  There isn't anyone in my life who shares the same interests, lifestyle, and perspectives quite the way we do.  It's a very unique connection that has stayed strong all these years despite all the twists and turns life has provided...true Soulsistas.  We recently reconnected (Florida-Italy connection) over a phone conversation, catching up with all the goings on in our lives.  Then we come back to our soul searching conversations...the kind that really make you feel inspired.  Both of us are in the same place right now...on the verge of a move, verge of 40, and verge of a breakthrough!  Kristina's free spirit and sense of adventure I admire and relish in...I'm hoping I can continue to inspire her as she does me!  Our connection and friendship reminds me to BE happy!  It's a choice everyday and no matter what life brings it's the choice I want to make.

Our quest to keep connected through this blog is in hopes to bring us to new discoveries with ourselves and inspire others to join the journey!!  Soulsistasforreal

Tuesday, February 23, 2016


Why did I want to start a blog...............well inspiration

I mean I am inspired daily....... by the color of the sea (lucky me currently living right on the Mediterranean), the look in my daughter's eyes, many, many, bloggers, and mostly because of wonderful women in my life.  Many of those wonderful women are family that I aspire to live up to.  

But when it was decided to continue with this blog it was because I was, once again, inspired by a person that I consider family. I am so fortunate to have MANY friends in my life that I consider to have crossed the friend border and into family status.  Through this journey I hope to share experiences with some of these fabulous ladies, but there is one that stands out.  One that has been a cheerleader, a sounding board, a Soul Sista.   Tiffany and I met in high school and through the trials and tribulations of life managed to stay best friends, even though we have not lived in the same city for over 20 years!  But at this stage in our lives we feel we can connect even more by sharing stories here and hopefully inspiring others.

We want to inspire others, be the best we can, and live life to the fullest.   We relish in the success of those who are important to us and feel maybe others would also benefit in things we find to be fun, delicious, or inspiring, of course!

Will this just be a place for me and my friends/ family to hang out and chat, maybe, will it take us on a journey to become even closer Soul Sistas?  I hope so!

xo, Kristina

Friday, October 4, 2013

Inspired by Style Your Life Blog

I truly want to use this blog and I hold myself back by stressing over content, and the point is JUST TO WRITE AND SHARE.  So, I'm back. *smiling*

Being in Italy has catapulted my urge to live to the fullest.  Part of that is taking the time to dress well.  I can remember the days of going out in my pajamas and thinking that was completely acceptable!  But yet at the same time totally coveting the outfit of the trendy girl nearby.

The reality is I was a bad dresser.......I'll admit it.  Not that I didn't know what looked good, I just could not put it together myself.  It. was. so. hard.  But I am over it (sort of), it's a work in progress.

I do have to give credit where credit is due and that is to my Bestie Dawn AND to styleyourlifeblog.com authored by Jennifer Rosson.  I LOVE this blog because Jennifer is very down to earth (like I know her LOL) and she is great at what she does.  She post outfits from casual to cocktail.  And she is not high end all the time.  Yeah sure you may click on a link and find a pair of to die for heels out of your price range but she will also have great outfits with pieces from the Gap or Target.  She keeps a simple and clean site that features whats most important THE CLOTHES.  And I also love her weekend and travel boards with outfits that you can mix and match all the pieces with just a couple of pairs of shoes.  These weekend/ travel boards prove there is no need to over pack and really makes planning less stressful.

And to boot she does personalized birthday boards.........here is mine......OH YEAH when I saw that post I was like THAT'S ME, IT'S MY BIRTHDAY! (INSERT RUNNING MAN)

Style Your Life Blog is out of San Diego.  I am bummed I didn't find her when I lived in Mission Valley because that is basically her hood. But for my peeps who are still there she does lots of local events.

Here is Jennifer's about me page and a page on Six secrets to Style....the number one being Confidence.

So, if you can admit that you are fashionably challenged, or just looking to be inspired hop on over to her blog because it's just great.   Oh and on a side note for those with bambinos she does kids boards too, mostly near the beginning of the school year.

And although I am a work in progress, it's fun, and 40 years from now I just may walk out the door looking like this...

...But I will do it with Style!

xo, Kristina

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Inspired Secretary......

A Secretary is a piece of furniture that I have always wanted.  I finally got one and was inspired to paint it when I saw this on MMS blog.  Here is the before shot.

I painted it in Annie Sloan chalk paint, a mix of Provence and Paris Grey.  As I was painting one of the glass panes broke and so I replaced it with chicken wire.

I used rubb and buff in Grecian Gold for the handles and chicken wire.  I left the inside the original color, because I had no desire to paint the cubbies and I loved the look from my inspiration.

The pictures do not do it justice because I am sooo happy how it turned out.

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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Sunburst Mirror made with shims!

I had this big blank wall that you could actually see from outside, looking into our family room, from the front of the house.  It drove me crazy!

So I went from this 

to this!

 It was really easy! And looks GREAT!!

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

a lovely Hutch, sad to see it go....

This Hutch was sturdy, made of maple,  had some great storage, and was my favorite piece so far.

I sanded the top, re-stained with Minwax Walnut, & painted with ASCP in Old White.

Saturday, July 2, 2011

USA Block art

So I was at Home Goods with my friend Ro and spotted these blocks on clearance for $1.50, didn't need them, didn't know what to do with them, BUT had to buy them.  They already had the word love on them but I felt I could do better.....

A little Mod, yes we are on a first name basis now, some scrap book paper, and Ro's Cricut cutter.....

These will go in the family room for the Holiday weekend but outdoor pics come out the best for me so far........

xo, Kristina
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