Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Simply BE...

Simply BE...well happy.  Something I've taken for granted many times in life.  How simple it is just to BE present, BE grateful, BE happy...many lessons in life have jolted me back into this state of BEing and many people have inspired me to BE there.

To call Kristina a best friend is an understatement for sure.  Our lives are parallel in so many ways, starting from childhood cheerleaders 25 years ago to the strong military spouses/Moms we are today.  There isn't anyone in my life who shares the same interests, lifestyle, and perspectives quite the way we do.  It's a very unique connection that has stayed strong all these years despite all the twists and turns life has provided...true Soulsistas.  We recently reconnected (Florida-Italy connection) over a phone conversation, catching up with all the goings on in our lives.  Then we come back to our soul searching conversations...the kind that really make you feel inspired.  Both of us are in the same place right now...on the verge of a move, verge of 40, and verge of a breakthrough!  Kristina's free spirit and sense of adventure I admire and relish in...I'm hoping I can continue to inspire her as she does me!  Our connection and friendship reminds me to BE happy!  It's a choice everyday and no matter what life brings it's the choice I want to make.

Our quest to keep connected through this blog is in hopes to bring us to new discoveries with ourselves and inspire others to join the journey!!  Soulsistasforreal

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Unknown said...

I think you guys blogging together is an AWESOME idea! Excited to see what's next.