Monday, May 16, 2011

Stoney's Produce

On of the things that make living in Virginia Beach great is Stoney's Produce.  The fact that is is only about a mile from my house makes it even better.  If you are in need of some locally grown veggies or beautiful flowers there selection is top notch.  Please enjoy the pictures below and patronize them often!

They grow right across the street!

An old barn is the "store" for Stoney's

Antique scale, Love it!

No need to lug anything around.  Just set your basket down and fill little by little.


They have plenty of vintage Radio flyer wagons for you to use as you walk through the flowers, AWESOME!

I saved the best part for last.....Carolyn's Coop
this excerpt is taken from there web site www.stoneysproduce.comWhen was the last time you stepped into (if ever) a real authentic chicken coop? When you visit Stoney's Produce you don't want to miss entering Carolyn's Coop, No, it isn't full of chickens although years ago (approximately 80 years ago),  it was authentic housing for chickens. Today you will find it smelling of lavender and full of garden inspiration.

The Entrance with a refurbished planter chair!!

Locally made soaps by Tasha's Own

The "front porch"
I seriously want to buy everything in that coop!

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