Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Wood, meet Annie Sloan Chalk Paint

Here are a couple of updates to my side of our bedroom.....

First of all, I jumped quickly on the bandwagon for Annie Sloan chalk paint for two major reasons: no sanding or priming required!   

I will get to pros and cons in a bit but here are a couple of 
transformations using Annie Sloan's Chalk Paint in Old White....

Before & After
$6 GW chiar with hard uncomfortable seat

Old White Chalk Paint

New seat cushion
For this chair I had to scrape off some old glue.  I did sand but just lightly for gunk removal, then on went the paint.

CHKD thrift cork board

I should have moved the lamp, YUK

Here they are together.  One day I will learn to take a great photo!

No sanding required for this cork board.  Paint, distress, wax, add nail head trim, buff, hang!  I listened to Kate @ here on the nail head trim.  Go ahead an order, it's Fantastic.  Even with shipping, per yard it's cheaper than buying individual boxes of nails.  Plus you save the headache of getting them straight.  

Here is what I have to say about the chalk paint so far.......


  • Goes on easily with virtually no drips, the paint really grabs on and stays put.  
  • Dries insanely fast.
  • Comes off brushes very easily.
  • You can paint over anything, even wax.
  • Distresses like a dream.
  • One coat is usually enough especially if your going to distress.
  • Low odor, you can work with it indoors!
  • If it gets too thick, just add water.  If you want it thicker, just leave the top open.

  • Price.  I paid $122.51 for 3 quarts.  $40.83 a piece includes the shipping. Still a lot but I got three colors I knew I could mix together if I want to. 
  • Color selection.
  • You must seal it.  (Not really an issue for me because waxing is soooo wonderful) 
Now that you know I have three quarts (Old White, Paris Grey, & Provence) you can bet I will be using it as often as I can.


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